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If you haven't been to Snow on the Square yet, then you're missing out. By far, it's the best Sno-Ball place in Marietta. 


  • Stuffed sno-ball: a sno-ball stuffed with vanilla ice cream
  • Cream-flavored sno-ball: a sno-ball made with flavored syrup mixed with evaporated milk
  • Sugar-free sno-balls are available in select flavors and will vary.
  • Toppings: vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, condensed milk, whipped cream and candied sprinkles.
  • Select Cream flavors available upon request.
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History of the Sno-Ball

Before the 1930s ice was manually scraped from a block of ice, producing a coarser, crunchier version of the sno-ball. In 1933, Ernest Hansen began work on an ice-shaving machine; and by 1934, he had invented the first motor-driven ice-shaving machine. For two years, Hansen kept the machine within his family, making sno-balls for only his children and relatives. In 1936, Ernest and his wife Mary took their machine to the streets of New Orleans and opened Hansen's Sno-Bliz. The business ran continuously for the following two years because Mary needed to care for her children. In 1939, they opened the shop and remained in business for the next 67 years.

Sno-Balls are now available to you much closer in Marietta, GA

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